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I spend  Sunflowers, Van Gogh a lot of time in museums. And if you follow my husband on Facebook you know that he, in turn, spent quality time  outside the museums taking and posting photos of fountains.  It’s his new travel meme.  He got a lot of likes.

I love art and I love how good art symbolizes one thing that often means another.  Good art is  revolutionary, accidentally, like the Impressionists, or intentionally like Mao’s wife demanding that ballet be more “revolutionary” which resulted in truly unwatchable performances. 

Good art is  subversive and “bad”.  And often we don’t initially respond well to … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Valerie Khoo

This week I had the pleasure to chat with Valerie Khoo, who is an extraordinary person who some how finds the time to write, run a national writer’s centre, is a professional speaker, blogger and podcast host. I try to find out how she does it all and keep a sane mind! We discuss how it all began, why accounting is not the ideal career for a writer, tips for newbies and much more.

Inspire. Create. Write.

You’ve heard of ‘writer’s block’. Well, think of the Australian Writer’s Centre as the complete Read more

beach stepsWriting is hard work, so is water skiing: it takes practice, it’s intense and you will probably fall.  But if you water ski, no one assumes you do it professionally.  No one asks a really brilliant water skier; how many times you’ve skied, or how many prizes you’ve won, or how many people paid yesterday to watch you.

If you are a good water skier, you can show off for the dozen or so other boat loads of observers and they applaud. Perhaps toss you a beer for your efforts.

Writing can be like that.  Practice, make it yours, share … Read more

DRAFT – Opinionator –

In the middle of NaNoWriMo and asking my Beta Readers about the cover for Future Girls, I came across this marvelous article by Steve Macone.

The holidays are here, we get that.  If you have a project, this may be the time to finish it up as best you can and put it aside for the month of December.  This accomplishes two very important things:

It’s really good to put aside a project to cool off and return to it in January

At every holiday party you can say – I’m working on a … Read more

Cleansing buzzwords from your writing | Articles | Home.

We slip.  We fall We say bad words that everyone clearly understand.  Unlike some of our daily missives.

Most of us are guilty of using too many proprietary terms within our respective fields when we really should be speaking in English.  If you can create a sentence that holds only two English words – not counting “the” and the rest of the sentence groans under the weight of anacronyms that no one but you understand as well as long phrases straight from the legal department, then you do not have … Read more

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