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Promise of the Wolf

Our on-going interviews with Cool Authors, Cool Books

Dorothy Hearst author of  The Wolf Chronicles

We have said before that for some authors, characters demand their stories to be written. Dorothy would agree. Dorothy writes about wolves.

 I gave their story absolutely everything I had.  There is something so humbling about having been given the gift of a great story idea.  I felt so grateful but also a little stunned. I wondered why  me?  Why did they come to me of all the people in the world, when I’d never written anything before?  Once I’d accepted the challenge, it felt … Read more

Protect your writing timeWe say the words, make time. We can’t make time. I try in my Future Girls books to make time, to travel back and forth changing up everything.  It’s fun in fiction, not as easy in real life – so to speak.

In a conversation with Beth Barany, she asked, how do I make time for my writing.

And I had the epiphany that I don’t make time at all.

But I do protect it.

I do schedule part of the day for writing, for being creative.

And that’s the making of time I suppose.  I make time for writing.… Read more

I love  blogs and articles that purport to be surprised that women are funny.  The new humorists!  How astonishing, women are funny!

Women have always been funny.  Better news,  American Women humorists have always, from the minute they reluctantly arrived on the east coast shores, earned a living being funny.  Funny women are not new, Since the first  English man  convinced his  wife or mistress to follow him to the new world, that wife and girlfriendwas compelled to commented on the experience. It was not complimentary.

women Humorists, history

Clowning around in Paris

In their work, American women employed the classic American humor … Read more

You will be happy to know that Deep Reading is a new, hip concept.

Deep Reading is, essentially, those uninterrupted hours spent with a single book.  


Photo By Kurt Rogers

I’d like to say that Fall is the perfect time for deep reading. But I say that about Winter, Spring and Summer.  

Deep readers need no motivation to snatch up a thick book and escape to the back porch, the hammock, the fireplace.  For a deep reader, prepping to venture outside means bringing two books out to the hammock so you don’t have to venture back in for hours.  Read more

Need a time machine?So many new writers start their books with pages, even chapters of back story. They want to tell the reader all about the creation of their fantasy world. They want to make sure the readers understands every nuance of Mexican politics in 1956 because it will be critical to the to the plot on page 103. Promise. They want to make sure the readers understands every feature of time travel.

Then their writing coaches or editors innocently suggest that instead of including all this material in the opening chapters of their book, the author should create back strong through dialogue. … Read more

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