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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Valerie Khoo

This week I had the pleasure to chat with Valerie Khoo, who is an extraordinary person who some how finds the time to write, run a national writer’s centre, is a professional speaker, blogger and podcast host. I try to find out how she does it all and keep a sane mind! We discuss how it all began, why accounting is not the ideal career for a writer, tips for newbies and much more.

Inspire. Create. Write.

You’ve heard of ‘writer’s block’. Well, think of the Australian Writer’s Centre as the complete Read more

Why You Should Be Writing Down Your Goals.

How do you create goals for writing: hijack other good ideas.

Here’s the writers version of What they Don’t Teach you in the Harvard Business School:

Create a vision. 

What we’re supposed to do is to create a big-assed vision for our future, where are we living? What do we look like?  How many spouses have we acquired?  That kind of idea. But for creatives that may be too much.  What does your book look like?  How do you feel when it’s finished and on Amazon?  What do you look like … Read more

Lessons Publishers Can Learn From Harlequin’s Annual Results | Digital Book World.

I remember when Harlequin was one of the few ways a new voice could get published.  They are still a formidable juggernaut in publishing but as this article points out – even the biggest kid in the playground is getting beat up by the internet.

What I do know is that romance writers in particular are earning a living self publishing and distributing through ebooks and self published books.  It’s not easy, but the genre is still lucrative.

So if you believe in love, then write your … Read more

Top Ten Excuses Not To Do NaNoWriMo |

I took a class with Louise – great teacher!

She sums up at least ten of the very good reasons we have for not launching into something different or scary.  Her insights can be applied to most anything:  I can’t travel because:

  • I don’t have the time

  • I’m not a real traveler
  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t have enough experience.

You can apply this to returning to school or to starting a family.  I think anything that is worthwhile in the end is often scary as hell in the … Read more

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