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Future Gold Launch – Women of the Gold Rush –

July 1, 2015

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Future Gold coverWelcome to Future Gold

Jordan Ellert doesn’t believe in time travel. Except when it finally worked. One minute she’s ready for another Time Cult failure, the next she is blasted back to the California Gold Rush.  Everything she thought she knew is wrong:  she is not the only time traveler, the future is hard to alter, and falling in love while in the past is a very bad idea.

Can you really be the change you want to see in the world?

California was a dream destination from the very beginning.  During the Gold Rush, “life was exhilarating for women cut loose from the social constraints of the East. One gold rush woman wrote: “A smart woman can do very well in this country. True, there are not many comforts and one must work all the time and work hard, but there is plenty to do andRead More

4 Classic SciFi Books every SciFi Writer Should Read

June 10, 2015

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There are arguably many Sci Fi books to read, that is the joy of the genre, but here are four classics that paved the way and can help you become a better writer.Sci Fi Books to read

We don’t create in a vacuum. Everything we read and everything we watch contributes to our own fiction.  And the more we understand what was created before us, the more we can create original work – an interesting idea isn’t it?  Know what went before, it will help you right now.

Frankenstein  – Shelly 

Mary Shelly wrote the first science fiction novel.  She was influenced by peer pressure  – to prove to her future husband and his friend that she could write up a scary story – and she was influenced by the scientific discoveries at the time, like Electricity.  Experiments were being done to re-animate body partsRead More

Episode 170 – “Constructing With Luke Matthews”

April 28, 2015

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Luke Matthews

An unabashed geek, Luke is a fervent reader, cinephile, gamer, and comic book fan, and he has been an avid poker player since his early twenties. A life filled with so many hobbies doesn’t lend itself to easy devotion to a craft, but when the beginnings of CONSTRUCT found the page, those words pulled him inexorably toward writing, now the primary passion in his life.

Luke lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, three cats, and a rambunctious German wirehaired pointer. You can find more of his words on his blog at geekelite.geekerific.com, or listen to him babble on about comic books on the Trade Secrets Podcast at Geekerific.com.

CONSTRUCT is his debut novel.
  The essence of every construct resides in their core. ARead More

Episode 167 – “Pushups, Peeps And Poetry!”

March 29, 2015

This post was written by CBramkamp

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest author: Vicki Hudson

We interviewed Vicki Hudson author of No Red Pen, Writers, Writing groups and Critique



Here is the short version of Vicki’s advice for Newbie Writers looking to join a critique group or start their own:

  • Have a group with a code and established guide lines on submissions and critiques
  • Make sure there is a mix of genres being reviewed
  • Make sure the group is an attitude fit
  • Make sure the work load is manageable
  • Make sure the meeting time is manageable

More about Vicki:

Wanting always to become a writer and told “write what you know” she has worked in culinary, security, health, sales, educational, and other fields of endeavorRead More

The Price of Being a Best Selling Author- Part II

March 25, 2015

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At the Day of the Book conference March 7 at JFK University, I discussed the price of being a best selling author.

The four things you need to achieve best selling status are: Write a lot of books

  • Genre
  • Exposure
  • Engagement
  • Investment

Let’s discuss exposure a little further:

You Tube

Posting You Tube videos to promote your books are now a requirement.

You can produce the videos yourself, and it’s free to post them on You Tube. Video is also time consuming and annoying and did I mention terrifying? I tried to create a talking head video, I spent about half an hour contemplating the joys and possible outcomes of plastic surgery. Not for the faint of heart, videos are however, an effective part of the best selling persona. If you aren’t comfortable with your own face writ large on You Tube, you may be asRead More