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I volunteered; I sure did, without so much as a thought of,  what if I can’t think of what to write or scarier still, what if people don’t like what I write? Naw, I didn’t think of that, not until I actually sold my idea to Damienb. Now I must follow through. This isn’t exactly Face Book either where I can count on family and friends to like whatever I write, but then who ever got to be a paid writer by writing just for family and friends? Nobody that’s who! So I will swallow my pride and all my … Read more

Last year, after quite a lot of soul searching, I made the decision to pursue a freelance writing career.  I was happy now have a career path to pursue.  Enthusiastic and ready to begin my journey, I sat down at my lap-top computer and pounded out a two page business plan and goals for the year.

As the year started, I was a little nervous but ambitious. I sent out my first set of article queries and hoped to hear something form someone. I heard about a few online writing groups that would publish my work. Miss-guided I signed up … Read more

Everyone who visits this website has a love of writing; whether it is journalistic, in depth feature style articles, short stories, novels, or poetry, writing is a pleasure that satisfies a deep part of our souls. Yet, not everyone who has a love of writing can write well – yet!

Writing is a craft that takes a lifetime to learn, refine, and enjoy before you become a true master. Even the most famous authors suffer through personal doubts, changes from editors, rejections from publishers, and criticism from readers. This is part of the process of writing.

You can write only … Read more

I have decided, seeing as my brain is currently, as Edward said on the forum, full of cotton wool, to see what famous authors have to say on the topic of writing and what we can learn from them.

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.” So said James Michener, Pulitzer prize winning author of over 40 books.

What I love about this quote is its honesty. I know that I am not a very good writer – not where first drafts or blogs are concerned – but I do know that with careful editing and … Read more

Thought I’d share with you a typical, or rather not so typical writing day with you.

Friday 8.30am. Normally this is when I start home-schooling my daughter, but today she is feeling ill so I decide to work on a submission instead. Normally my writing time is late afternoon/early evening so this is a bit of change for me.

I settle my daughter down on the sofa with CBBC (for those of you who don’t live in the UK this is an advertisement free childrens’ channel) and I get down to work.

10.30am first draft done I check for typos … Read more

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